Cultivating excellence, ethics and expertise.

The Art Galleries Association of Australia (AGAA) is the peak body for commercial art galleries in the primary visual arts market.

Committed to enhancing the value and appreciation of Australian contemporary art, as well as the reputation and livelihood of artists, agaa drives innovation and professional excellence among members, promotes ethical practice, and presents a unified voice on relevant issues.

As diverse as they are inspiring, our members comprise the most important and exciting galleries in the nation.

Established in 1976 and connected to similar organisations across the Asia-Pacific, we operate not-for-profit, but to benefit the wider arts community.

For galleries, agaa membership brings respect, recognition and influence, while providing certainty and confidence for artists, collectors, potential buyers and art lovers.

Why become an AGAA member?

AGAA membership is a coveted and unique accreditation for a commercial gallery, and carries unrivalled levels of kudos and respect.

The benefits to members are many. Some, like being part of a collective with a high-profile voice in the arts world, are

profoundly important. Others, such as discounts from various industry suppliers, are immensely practical. All, would be unachievable for an individual gallery acting alone.

Unlike many professional associations, agaa membership is by invitation. Only galleries that satisfy the rigorous peer review process, and prove themselves to be of outstanding professional, ethical and financial repute are accepted.

Why choose an AGAA member?

With a nationwide membership that includes the leading and most highly respected commercial galleries in Australia, established and emerging artists alike can expect representation of the highest calibre from an agaa member.

Acting at all times with integrity and professionalism, an agaa member will represent you in the fullest sense, developing and promoting your reputation across your entire career as an artist.

Another advantage for artists seeking representation, is that every agaa member subscribes to the Visual Arts Code of Practice, a set of ethical and best practice guidelines, protocols and procedures endorsed by agaa, the National Association for Visual Artists and the Australia Council.

Expert, experienced and ever helpful, our members also act as a ‘hub’ from which you can seek advice and assistance on commercial industry matters, such as artist’s rights, contract negotiation, competitions, awards and prizes.

Why choose an AGAA member?

When you purchase art from an agaa member, you’re doing business with a gallery whose standards, practices and reputation have been assessed and endorsed by their association peers, as being at the forefront of their profession.

Located across every state and territory, our members seek to authenticate the provenance of each artwork they exhibit.

Doing so creates trust among private and public collectors, potential art buyers and art lovers Australia wide, and ensures acquisitions can be made with absolute confidence.

Just as importantly, all agaa members are qualified to carry out valuations on works of art—particularly those by the artists they represent. Many are also accredited valuers with the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program.