Harry Dixon Mptyane :

Niagara Galleries
245 Punt Road, Richmond VIC 3121
24 October – 18 November 2017

Harry Dixon, group installation detail

Harry Dixon, group installation detail

Niagara galleries is pleased to present 'Utopia', an exhibition of works by Harry Dixon Mptyane. 

Harry Dixon Mptyane was born on the Utopia Homestead c.1965. Harry is the full nephew of renowned artist, Angelina Pwerle. His mother is Angelina's sister, Molly Dixon Knagle, and his farther is Albie Dixon Pwerle. Harry also has two brothers and four sisters. His country is Ahalpere country, and his dreamings are the Bush Plum and the Wild Possum. 

The sculptures Dixon produces all have a very special quality. He shows a very keen sense of observation, and each figure is like a portrait - facial features, body shape, physical stance are unique and full of character. The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue. 

Tuesday to Friday: 11am - 6pm, Saturday: noon - 5pm


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