Ian Paradine :
Morphing the Idol

Anna Pappas Gallery
2-4 Carlton Street, Prahran, VIC, 3181
1 November – 2 December 2017

Ian Paradine, Shelter, 2017, Pastel, Conte & Pigment on Arches Satine, 55.5 x 45 cm

Ian Paradine, Shelter, 2017, Pastel, Conte & Pigment on Arches Satine, 55.5 x 45 cm

Anna Pappas Gallery invites you to the opening of Morphing the Idol, a new body of works by Ian Paradine. 

Born in London, with a multidisciplinary practice spanning across painting, drawing, photography and moving image; Paradine places an emphasis on emotion and the psyche. Challenging the traditional notions of space and time, the artist manifests figurative dream-like hybrids existing between a reality we know and understand, and somewhere completely unfamiliar.

Paradine’s latest exhibition of drawings continues this exploration, employing a multitude of spectral figures to portray a deep introspection to his own unconscious state. The recurrent figures in Morphing the Idol oscillate between physical and ethereal states of being throughout Paradine’s compositions, at times blending with air and landscape. These primal feelings and shadowed psychological states introduce the viewer to a portrait of self, an inner-most perspective of the artist’s oeuvre.

Morphing the Idol is a narrative examination of thought, dreaming and the in-between, presented through the guise of whimsical characters born straight from the depths of Paradine’s imagination. These characters ponder their own cosmic existence while referencing the world we currently reside in. Using colour and form to collapse the conscious and subconscious mind, Morphing the Idol is a unique portrayal of the intricacies within Ian Paradine’s own psyche.

Educated at the Camberwell College of Arts in London, Paradine has exhibited extensively in Europe, this is his second solo exhibition since his return to Australia in 2012. He is a multidisciplinary artist employing drawing, painting, photography, filmmaking and video within his art practice.

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