Jinx Nolan :

Wagner Contemporary
2 Hampden St Paddington NSW 2021
1 April – 26 April 2017

Bird and Aquaduct acrylic and colage on board

Bird and Aquaduct acrylic and colage on board

What does it mean to be from somewhere? what entitles us to call a place home? What are the connections that tie one to that specific place? For Jinx Nolan the landscape of her childhood in Australia is characterised by space, the vastness and emptiness of the Australian outback and the endless stretch of its eastern coastline. this landscape she now experiences at a remove, its vastness a metaphor for her physical and psychological absence from the spaces she is depicting. the landscapes are beyond the communality of the city, beyond human habitation or connection. Her surrogates are the birds that soar above the seashore or desert with no solid perch on which to land.

Tuesday - Sunday 10.30-6pm


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