Kathleen Petyarre, Margaret Loy Pula & Abie Loy Kemarre :
Ambatye Urrpetye My Family

Mitchell Fine Art
86 Arthur St, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006
5 July – 29 July 2017

Abie Loy Kemarre, Bush Hen Dreaming, 120 x 180cm, acrylic on linen

Abie Loy Kemarre, Bush Hen Dreaming, 120 x 180cm, acrylic on linen

Aboriginal art depicts culture, tradition and stories from the past. It is a way that Aboriginal people share and continue their culture and their history. To ensure the ongoing survival of Aboriginal culture the stories, traditions, rights and history are passed from generation to generation via song, dance, ceremony and design.

‘Ambatye Urrpetye’ (My Family) is an Aboriginal art exhibition exploring the generational stories and artistic styles that have been passed from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter. The name Petyarre is synonymous with one of the greatest family art dynasties seen in Australia. A family made up of seven sisters who all rose to prominence through their art. This legacy is strongest through Kathleen Petyarre in her daughter Margaret Loy Pula and granddaughter Abie Loy Kemarre. Collectively the paintings in this exhibition reflect the ongoing culture and tradition of the Anmatyerre women of Utopia in Central Australia. On Saturday 8th July a curator’s talk discussing the artists and the artworks in the exhibition will be held in the gallery from 2pm.

To view all works in the exhibition online visit www.mitchellfineartgallery.com.

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