Private Art Business Survey

New research involving private art businesses

Deloitte Access Economics and the Australia Council for the Arts are working in partnership, and with the Indigenous visual arts industry, to produce a report examining the cultural and economic value of Indigenous visual arts. The purpose of the report is to:

· Provide Indigenous arts organisations, galleries and artists with an evidence based    
  resource that conveys both the cultural and economic value of their sector;

· Promote the role of the Indigenous visual arts industry nationally and internationally,    
  and in the broader economy;

· Bring together and build on existing research, to create an industry-wide picture that  
  informs decision making and advocacy.

This is a unique study as the economic contribution of Indigenous visual arts in Australia has never before been quantified at a sector-wide level in this way.

As part of this project, Deloitte Access Economics is conducting a Private Art Business Survey. The success of the project depends on private art businesses participating in this survey. If successful, the report will be publicly launched and released for use by all, and will discuss the important role of the commercial parts of the sector.

We encourage private art businesses to participate.

Click here to download the survey.

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Deloitte Access Economics will be handling all information and data from the survey. They will keep and store this information in a confidential and secure manner and will not reveal it to any other party such as other private art businesses. The Australia Council will not have access to any of the data you provide. All information and data will be reported at an aggregate level to ensure no individual organisations will be identified.

Deloitte Access Economics is undertaking this work pro-bono as part of their Reconciliation Action Plan, in partnership with Australia Council for the Arts. If you have any questions about the Private Art Business Survey, please contact Sasha Zegenhagen from Deloitte Access Economics:, Telephone: 03 9671 6218