In 1833 when William Wilberforce was finally able to convince the House of Commons to outlaw slavery across the British Empire, 800,000 slaves were released.

Now in 2017 there are an estimated 45,000,000 enslaved from within 167 countries including Australia. (Data quoted from:

Almost every country has laws against modern slavery. Government intervention can have an immediate impact in every country.

Paint4Freedom are in the preliminary stages of organising a National Art Competition open to Emerging and Established artists.

The overall objectives of the art prize are as follows:

1) To help raise awareness within Australian about modern-day slavery; forced labour; child

soldiers & forced prostitution both Nationally and Internationally.

2) Raise funds to financially assist existing anti-slavery organisations.

3) Help and encourage countries to fight slavery, at a government, national and local level.

The preliminary details of the Paint4Freedom National Art Competition will be announced shortly. 

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